Check your emails while you're on the Beach Road!
The internet access area of Malee Travel adjoins our travel agency. Send / Receive Emails, Chat, Scan photos/documents, Printing, CD-Writing/ReWriting or just Surf the Net.
2 Pentium PC's, Printer, Scanner, Phone & Fax.  
Yahoo Mail
7 days a week - 9:30 a.m. till 9:00 p.m.    
2 Baht/Minute - 100 Baht / Hour    
When you're all 'Jumbled up' or just feel like getting in touch with the world again then come on in and have a Cyber Day with us!
Catch up on email or read your national newspaper.
When you have business to do, we can make your job easier .... because you can also use us as your Business Centre.
As well as Email you can send and receive Fax, send packages and documents by UPS, DHL & TNT.
Travel & Tourism, Email, Fax, Express Documents and Courier Services all under one roof!
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